Formed in January of 2010, the Westside Branch is the third to be developed from USGBC-LA. There is a thriving and active professional population in the Westside who will participate as long as they believe Branch activities have legitimate value. The branch will focus on the provision of programs that add technical and intellectual depth to the green building process. Because the knowledge of sustainable design policy, research, methodology and products is vast, events that create networking opportunities are also priority in order to foster the collaborative exchange of ideas and information. To that end, participant diversity is critical and our goal is to engage professionals from the A/E/C and real estate/finance sectors as well as those representing legislation and public policy, academia, etc.





 With a goal to foster the advancement of green building and healthy communities, the Westside Branch of the USGBC-Los Angeles is committed to the future of sustainability.  Our online journal, WIN:WIN, is dedicated to models and methodologies that inspire us to achieve transformative change in the built environment through the exploration of advanced levels of sustainability and a Beyond Platinum mindset. For Submission and more information, please go to .  Issue #1:  "The Future, a Sustainable Los Angeles":  How does Los Angeles – its people, buildings and infrastructure – establish a restorative, long-term relationship with the environment that hosts it and the financial systems that support it? Submissions due Dec. 5, 2011. 






Lauren Friedman, The Getty Trust

Nancy Levens, Veneklasen Associates



Julie Du Brow, dubroWORKS Marketing/PR

Erin Gehle, softfirm studios

Shawn Gehle, Gensler

Lauri Lappin, Pacific Cove Development

Nancy Levens, Veneklasen Associates

Scott Sachs, Atkinson, Andelson, Loya, Ruud & Romo



Rebecca Ansert, Green Public Art

Barbara Cooper, KI

Lauri Lappin, Pacific Cove Development

Alison Mandeville, Tai Ping Carpets Americas, Inc.

Sara Neff, Kilroy Realty

Amber Richane, Callison